RJ McLeod

Strathaven Substation

Client: SP Transmission plc
Value: £5.77M
Designer: Iberdrola Engineering & Construction Networks Ltd
Completed: 2020

This NEC Option B project was located in South Lanarkshire and was for the replacement of 7 no. 275kV circuit breakers. It included staged demolition of foundations, structures and equipment; earthworks, construction of plant foundations, new trenches, earth and cable ducting, pipework alterations, road extension and fencing.



Key Issues

• Demolition of numerous structures including 24 no. gantries adjacent to live OHLE equipment
• Construction to a tight timescale where design not fully complete at outset
• Management and delivery of increased work scope due to ongoing design development
• Working to rigorous safety standards
• Overlapping programme of HV M&E works with civil works



Principal Elements included:

Earthworks 18,000m3
Concrete foundations 993 no.
Surfacing 24,000m2
Precast concrete troughs 600m
Earthing mat 4,600m
Cable ducting 2,300m
Security fencing 300m

RJ McLeod