RJ McLeod

Kype Muir Wind Farm, South Lanarkshire

Client: Banks Group
Value: £16.16M
Engineer: Sweco
Completed: 2019

The contract was for Balance of Plant design and construction of a 26-turbine/88MW wind farm located 5km south-west of Strathaven. It included site tracks, WTG foundations for Senvion turbines, crane hardstandings, borrow pits, National Grid compound, substation building, met mast, culvert upgrades, site cabling and switchgear; also construction of public roads.



Key Issues

• Archaeological, ornithological and ecological supervision throughout the duration of the works
• Materials won from 4 no. on-site borrow pits
• Excavated material backfilled locally around turbines and roads or used in borrow pits



Principal Elements included:

Site tracks 16km
Reinforced steel (turbine foundations) 1,690 tonnes
Floating roads 6km
Peat removal 40,000m3
Rock (site tracks) 580,000 tonnes
Concrete (turbine foundations) 13,286m2
Imported material (fill) 3,000 tonnes
Excavated material (fill) 100,000 tonnes

RJ McLeod