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Health and Safety Policy

RJ McLEOD (Contractors) Limited and Associated Companies

Health and Safety at Work Act

Policy Statement

RJ McLeod will provide a work environment that is safe and healthy for all employees and for others who may also be affected by what we do. We will consider the effects of our activities on others when deciding what we do and how we do it, throughout the whole of the construction process, endeavouring to eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health risks. We will set goals to allow us to measure our performance in achieving this policy. In doing so, we will take account of external guidance and employment law.

We accept our responsibilities for achieving these goals and will provide suitable resources including competent health and safety advice. We will also provide industry-standard training and qualifications that are suitable for each individual and will help them to contribute to the safety of themselves and others. We will also encourage suitably qualified persons to develop professional qualifications.

We are committed to fulfilling relevant legal and other requirements. At each worksite and office location we will provide good standards of welfare accommodation, safe and healthy working conditions, equipment including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), places of work and systems of work, together with information, instruction and training on how to work without risks to health and safety.

Managers and supervisors at each worksite have a clear responsibility for ensuring that these conditions are provided. We will fully support them in the day-to-day decisions that they have to make in helping to achieve health and safety in the workplace.

All employees have a right to expect that the above will be provided. If they are not, or there are questions/suggestions about the safety of the immediate work to be carried out, individual employees are encouraged to pursue the matter with their supervisor. There is also a separate policy that deals with how to raise matters of serious concern directly with the Directors. We are committed to the consultation and participation of our employees.

In return we expect all employees to carry out their work with common sense and good judgement according to their training and experience; and to be vigilant about their own safety and about how their actions may affect others. Each employee has a personal responsibility in ensuring health and safety when at work.

We are committed to continually improve our health and safety performance and to help us achieve this, annual targets and objectives will be set.

This Policy will be monitored to ensure that the aims, goals, targets and objectives are achieved. It will be reviewed as required.

Joint Managing Director

Last Reviewed: 23 April 2024

RJ McLeod