RJ McLeod

Strathy North Wind Farm, Sutherland

Client: SSER
Value: £14.11M
Engineer: Grontmij
Completed: 2015

Strathy North

Following on from the Company’s £2.40M enabling works contract completed previously, the main construction works were also successfully undertaken by the Company, for a 33-turbine wind farm (Senvion turbines) including bases, roads, cable tracks, control building, operations building, and a 25m-span concrete bridge.


Key Issues:
• Two different foundation designs – five no. bases were piled as peat depths exceeded 10m in places
• Stone won from on-site borrow pits
• RJM responsible for geotechnical design element of the works
• Working beside main tributaries to the River Strathy, spawning beds for salmon and trout
• Badger and Pine Marten are key protected mammals on site
• High quality reinstatement of the works including significant quantities of peat
• Due to extensive areas of deep peat, over 50% of the roads were floated
• Remote location (7km from Strathy Village)


Principal Elements included:
Roads 16km
Cable tracks 14km
Met masts 2 no.
Reinforced concrete 13,500m3
Reinforcement 2,400 tonnes


RJ McLeod