RJ McLeod

Ullapool Linkspan

Client: Ullapool Harbour Trustees
Value: £2.97M
Engineer: Wallace Stone LLP
Completed: 2015


The project was for the provision of linkspan support structures and ancillary works, as well as removal of the existing linkspan, outer linkspan dolphin and existing linkspan abutment. The contract encompassed temporary works including provision of an access bridge, tubular steel piles (up to 14m embedment depth), steel sheet piles (to form pier-side plant room area), cathodic protection, fendering, roadworks, drainage and rock armour.


Key Issues:
• Working within an operational harbour – vehicle ferry access maintained with temporary bridge
• Working to a tight timescale and in adverse weather conditions
• Numerous design changes and variations as well as additional works awarded throughout the duration of the contract
• Managing several different subcontractors, not all working directly for RJ McLeod
• Installation of new linkspan on high tide after evening ferry sailing; floated into position using barge
• Removal of existing outer dolphin and linkspan using Matador crane barge
• Removal of redundant outer dolphin piles using underwater wire saw equipment


Principal Elements included:
Temporary piling platform 30m
Tubular steel piles 23 no. (629mm – 720mm ø)
RC concrete abutment 90m3
RC dolphin structure 150m3



RJ McLeod