RJ McLeod

Kyleakin Marine Works

Client: Marine Harvest Scotland Ltd
Value: £13.80M
Engineer: Wallace Stone LLP
Completed: 2018

The works, to encase and extend the existing finger pier, consisted of the following: combi piling and dredging, transit and installation of two number caisson onto prepared bed at -10m Chart Datum, construction of 10,200m2 insitu concrete deck, laydown area and slipway and placement of 8,000m3 of rock armour imported by sea.

Key Issues:
• Caissons (2 no., each 30m long x 20m wide x 15m high) constructed at Corpach and towed to Kyleakin by tug
• Marine Mammal Observation and Passive Acoustic Monitoring works for marine mammal protection
• Completed within a marine protected area

Principal Elements included:
Infill works 120,000 tons
Rock armour 22,500 tons
Combi piling walls 214m
Sheet piling walls 240m
Bearing piles 20 no.
Concrete 7,500m3
Rebar 700 tons
Fenders 12 no.
Dredging 85,000m3
Sea bed armour 1,500m3
Underwater concrete 200m3
Caisson foundations 2,000m3
Drainage 400m
Slipway construction 900m2

RJ McLeod