RJ McLeod

Quality Policy Statement

RJ McLeod (Contractors) Limited operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and manages the system in a manner that ensures all applicable requirements are complied with.

The system is founded on the fundamentals of Total Quality Management in that the Company seeks to involve all employees, at all levels and in all relevant departments in the development of its systems and processes. All construction activities undertaken by the Company are planned, controlled and executed in such a manner that Customer requirements are identified and met at each critical stage in the process.

Through the application of sound Quality Management Principles the Company aims to continually improve its systems and processes. In order to realise this objective it is the Company’s Policy to:

Encourage all employees to participate in the ongoing development of the Quality Management System
Identify and comply with all Statutory and Regulatory requirements applicable to the Company’s Construction activities
Establish the needs of customers through effective and open communication striving to exceed these requirements through the analysis of customer feedback
Provide all employees with the training and resources necessary to effectively carry out their duties
Establish and maintain good relationships with key suppliers through mutual co-operation and the sharing of information that may be beneficial to both parties
Regularly review the Quality Management System in order to identify areas for improvement and to establish the continued suitability of Company Policy and Objectives
Develop the Quality Management system through the analysis of data such as Internal Audit results, Customer Feedback including Complaints and Continuing Assessment reports
Make all employees aware of their responsibility and role in ensuring that the Quality Policy is implemented and any changes to the Policy shall be communicated to them

The Company employs Mr David Baxter as Quality Manager to implement, maintain and develop the Quality Management System. The Quality Manager reports directly to the Joint Managing Director who has overall responsibility for the Quality Management function.

RJ McLeod